Friday, October 7, 2011

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Ever Wonder About The Wonder Years?

Before I get to part two of my urinal post, I thought I'd mix it up first. Two urinal posts in a row would be a little much. I don't want to be a one trick pony.

So I found out the other day that all six seasons of The Wonder Years are available to stream on Netflix. And now, two days later, I've almost finished off the first two seasons. Not really sure how that happened. All I know is that growing up is hard, especially in the Arnold family. And especially with a girl like Winnie Cooper living across the street. Cross-street glances full of hormones and nostalgia coming at you left and right.

Speaking of glances, someone pointed this video out to me. It's 100% accurate. If you took the narration out of the show, it's literally just people staring at each other for 22 minutes and calling it an episode. Filming this shit must've been awful. Nothing but silence and showing emotions through facial expressions.

Also, just did some googling, and Winnie Cooper got HOT. She might even give Carissa Rae a run for potential wife candidate of the year. Props to Kevin Arnold for locking that shit down since elementary school. He has a rare combination of wisdom and game-spitting ability. Just picking up bitties and teaching life lessons. Dude's gonna kill it as a grandpa.

God DAMN Winnie Cooper got hot. Someone who Ned Hepburn follows reblog this quick, she needs to be on bonerparty. robotindisguise:  suicideblonde: Winnie Cooper all grow’d up (Danica Mckellar by Jeremy Goldberg)

I also respect the hell out of the casting director for spotting a dime like Winnie when she was like 9. Odds are he's a pedophile, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. He and the guy who casted Emma Watson as Hermione should team up. Could be the greatest/creepiest casting collabo in history, taking the middle school girls scene by storm. Mothers across the country wouldn't even know what hit them.

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