Thursday, October 20, 2011

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There's A Reason "Anirog Kong" Didn't Quite Do "Donkey Kong" Numbers

^(this was a real video game by the way)

Is this the first instance of "white face" in the history of racial face imitation? And white knuckles? I can't imagine things went well with this one.

Execution. Anirog Kong appears to have ignored that term and just winged it. Someone saw Donkey Kong and said, "Hey, let's copyright infringe the shit out of this and see what happens." Probably hit the sauce, got out some crayons, and had at it. Came up with Popeye the Sailor hitting an exaggeratedly large presumed ape with a mallet in the stomach. You know, because that's how you get things to release princesses. Actually, hold up. That's 1 million % a prostitute. How about thinking this one through before you hit him with a mallet Popeye. This weird looking ashy gorilla potentially made an hourly "transaction" and has all right to grip that hoe.

Two other issues. When you make contact with the mallet, bananas come out? That's wildly unrealistic and really stereotyping of gorillas. And did that trick drop her umbrella? Why is there an umbrella on this game cover? That said, I spent 45 minutes searching for Anirog Kong and an accompanying Telstar Colortron on EBay.

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