Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Friends Ask Dub: "Are You Going To The 2011 Blogging Conference In Los Angeles Next Month?"

A friend messaged me about the LA Bloggers Conference and asked me if I had my tickets booked because apparently, it's next month.

This is awkward. Guess Dub J didn't get that invite in the mail. I'll blame that on the United States Postal Service because that shit is busted. I mean you can't have a Blogging Conference without the best up and coming blogger since blogging started. Just shaking hands and kissing babies whilst sipping champagne with my pinky out dripping of blog swag--which is easily the lowest form of swag. The part that hurts the most is that my future wife is most definitely going to be there. Probably writes a hilarious bizarro blog similar to mine like "A Working Woman's Diary." Constant 2-3 paragraph tidbits of slice of life subjects and an overly cocky demeanor.

Let's be honest, this saves me an arrest and Google removing my blog from the internet because "some guy that kept calling himself 'Dub Jeezy' was very drunk and started aggressively dancing with everyone while screaming about some blog he wrote when he clearly didn't have an invitation."

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