Thursday, October 13, 2011

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So "Noodling" Is A Thing?

My roommate opened my eyes to quite possibly the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I knew the dirty south was a pretty fucked up place, but this is just disgusting.

First of all, did anyone know Catfish grew to be 70 pounds?! That shit's outrageous enough, let alone the fact that people "catch" them with their arm. Let me introduce the term "Noodling." It starts with being an idiot and living near a creek. Next step, have an unreasonable love for the taste of catfish, which until recently I didn't know was edible. The last and most important step of the have to be ok with getting like 1/8th eaten by a fucking catfish. Yup. These wild assholes are fishing with their arms for a potentially inedible fish because that's the thing to do in under the Mason-Dixon line.

Honestly, I thought the term "noodling" strictly involved a spectacularly fun time with pool noodles. Your standard splishy, splashy water whistling good time. Spoiled by reverse catfish enemas. Gross city.

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