Saturday, October 8, 2011

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Want To Actually Have Fun Tonight?

Forget what you did last night. Definitely forget about that swamp creature laying next to you taking all the blanket. Get in the shower, reflect for 45 minutes to an hour about how you're an idiot, and get ready to do it again tonight. But this time you're actually going to have fun.

People ask me all the time, "Where are you partying/getting weird at tonight Dub?" and I always forget to answer. Well today I'm doing my due diligence and telling you all I'll be at LANSDOWNE PUB tonight in Fenway because my favorite band (and 75% of my roommates) is performing there from 10PM-2AM. Like a 7 hour show of jams, good times, and chicks potentially getting naked. I'll definitely be de-clothed before the clock strikes 12. So if you want to meet me/have a good time/watch good music, feel free to come down. Cheap ass cover too. 5 bucks is only 5 McDoubles guys.

PS. Your boy might get on stage to help with a couple rap covers as I am their only black friend.

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