Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Wildly Inaccurate Doll Depiction Of Tom Brady

This would be dead on if it was a "Red-Headed Brett Michaels in a Tom Brady jersey" doll, but unfortunately it's not. While I'm a huge Jets fan and Patriots denouncer, this shit is just embarrassing for all involved. I'm insulted as an NFL fan that one of the leagues most popular players was typecast as a redneck NASCAR fan.

I've never seen such an outrageous misstep in all of my days as a surveyor of dolls. Whenever you play a videogame and create a character, they give you that "default" dude who's as basic as it gets. 5'11 white guy with brown hair and brown eyes with almost zero vertical leap. Like roughly 85% of the dude population in America. But hey, to be popular you have to push some envelopes around. This company decided on "option 37" hair style with the ginger mullet and what I think is a black fucking soul patch--for the top quarterback in the NFL who has neither of those things.

This is either a terrific/horrible omen for the Jets this weekend. Most likely horrible.

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