Friday, December 23, 2011

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Big Game Tomorrow

So big even, the New York Post had to put horrifying expressions on their faces and dress the starting quarterbacks of the respective teams in fucking Puritan pirate costumes.

What I do appreciate is the fact that they made Eli noticeably fatter than Mark. Equally creepy faces and premise, but the fat suit really takes the cake in who this newspaper wants to favor. Onto the game though, I'm kinda prepared for the biggest shitshow since that game where the Eagles tied the Bengals because Donovan McNabb forgot the rules of OT. Eli calling run plays on his own 25 with 2 minutes left in overtime. Eli fumbling the snap and Jets recovering. Mark takes 3 knees running out the clock. The two QBs dap each other up in the middle of the field because they technically didn't lose the game for their respective teams. You think I'm joking...

..but there is like a 35% chance this can happen.

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