Thursday, December 1, 2011

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Hanson's Beer Making Venture Is The Biggest Cry For Help Of All Time

Soak it in guys. A band that hasn't been close to relevant since 1999(?) is staging a comeback in an industry that is so far astray from what made them famous. One-hit wonder girlishly frail pop group Hanson is making some motherfucking beer.

First off, Taylor Hanson is not a girl. Secondly, could they have come up with a better name than "MmmmHop"? Granted, no one would make a Hanson connection if the beer wasn't named that, but still. That's some childish shit right there. I can't foresee myself buying a round of MmmmHops without fully expecting a punch in the face. I wouldn't even retaliate because it should be applauded when a person checks someone for ordering a Hanson endorsed beer. That's like DMX coming through the hood selling pink mittens with anime butterflies on them. Or Ricky Martin selling power tools. Whatever. Despite all the hate I'm spitting, whenever "MMMBop" makes an appearance on my shuffle I kinda sorta let it play through the duration.

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