Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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This Picture Essentially Means We're Fucked

While I have NO idea what's happening in this picture, I can tell you it came from an article titled "Black Holes Billions Of Times The Size Of Sun Discovered." I'm no astronomer, but that sounds like pretty bad news.

Or is it good news? For all we know black holes can be a good time. Grab some glow sticks, a girl with zero inhibitions, some street-level narcotics and you're looking at the most baller rave of all time. Non-stop partying because you have nothing else to do and you can't see shit. Ironically wouldn't me too different from my life now.

My main gripe is this God damn picture. Really NASA? Did you honestly think people were going to look at this picture and think, "Ah, it makes sense now. Thanks guys!"? This shit makes me feel like I need a compass. Not the directional one you use for hiking, but the outrageously dangerous tool you used in 8th grade math. (Quick digression: Can't tell you how many times I had to leave class due to compass related bleeding. Even with the plastic one. Pretty sure everyone thought I had autism.)

Just show me a not-to-scale picture of the Sun and something billions of times bigger than that and call it a day. Stop trying to get cute.

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