Friday, December 23, 2011

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Facebook Friday #4

Is this the end of Facebook Friday? It might be the end of Facebook Friday. Responses are dwindling, people are tired of briefly scouring the internet for me, and there's no fear like having zero comments on a desperation Facebook status.

1) Dude sings "Ninjas in Paris" on train

My man Leon from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is definitely doing some serious viral marketing for the super secret next season. Larry David is always up to some serious tricks. Just kidding, this guy is just an aggressive crackhead that displayed a B- knowledge of 'Watch The Throne' lyrics on what appeared to be an empty subway. Swag on playa. Thanks VB

2) New Years Eve Kinda Sucks
New Years Eve reminds me of a very talented basketball player that consistently underperforms in the 4th quarter of games. You pay tons of money to party at an advanced level. People are dressed nicer, drinking more drinks, and smelling a little bit more like expensive cologne. All in all a nice time. Then 11:59 pm rolls by and that NYE kiss scramble begins. That girl you talked to a few hours ago was kinda into you, but then again there's that girl you made eyes with for the last 10 minutes. Your buddy looks to also be going for her, so what move do you make? Too much to think about, too stressful. Thanks EJ

3) Wine-Tasting
A sign that I think I'm growing up. Out of all the outlandish tasks that I want to do at some point, I think I put wine-tasting at the top of the list. I just want to break bread with people in suits, talk about grape growth rates, and swirl some motherfucking glasses. Maybe stick a pinky out or two, I don't know. Basically I'm trying not to be a jackass whenever I'm out on a date in the future and order a bottle of wine. I don't know when to sniff, swirl, or how much to pour. Then my date thinks I'm trying to get her blacked out. Even though, Wine Country is in no way prepared for me, I think I'll give it a go. Thanks BC

RIP Facebook Friday.

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