Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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The "Spinops Sternbergorum" Is The Fakest Discovered Dinosaur Of All-Time

Let's be real and point at the elephant in the room. This is just a Triceratops with some blue face paint and JV horns poking out of it's head. And a dude's signature on the side.

Look, I ain't mad atcha Cleveland Museum of Natural History because we've all bullshitted something in our lives. Sometimes you tell your boss you got something done when you aren't quite finished and sometimes you fabricate the existence of a dinosaur. Hey, you have a drawing of what you "think" it looks like so I guess you're home free. That means I can find a chicken bone on the ground, hit up Microsoft Paint and become an archaeologist within a couple of days. The only difference between Dub Jeezy and Cleveland's finest archaeologist is the fact that I wouldn't make it look exactly like a dinosaur that fucking exists. Like an exact replica of the Triceratops. Embarrassing bro.

For the record, my chicken bone dinosaur would look like this:

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