Thursday, December 22, 2011

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We Be Podcasting!

We also be drunk. But that doesn't mean this is a half-assed attempt to create a Podcast. We are certainly taking this seriously and bringing the funny to your ears. My overall goal is to make WMD an attack of the senses. You read the blogs, listen to the podcasts, feel me creeping behind you on the dance floor, smell my not so pungent B.O., and taste the idea of victory. Seriously though, you shouldn't be tasting anything.

So let's talk about this picture. My main homie Mack is going to be taking the podcast plunge with me. If you remember he's the guy frolicking seaside playing guitar in the "Home" video. If you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy him frolicking all over the funny on the podcast. Plus he's obviously an alcoholic holding that Jack Daniels. Ya boy Dub J is sipping a polite Coke Zero...kidding, I'm drunk as well. Podcast #1 is coming this week. Get motherfucking amped and tell your friends.

For reference check WMD daily and if you like my boy Mack's music get weird with Stereo Drive-By. See you guys soon from a podcast perspective.

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