Monday, December 19, 2011

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What's Good With Tsunami Clouds Lurking Near Cities?

This tsunami cloud reminds me of me in a dimly lit bar. Just clutching a mixed drink, teetering on blackout, and standing behind a pillar of some sort. Except instead of offering to buy a girl a drink, it's about to destroy this city.

 If you're lurking, you have to be a little more discrete. You can't sit next to a city literally looking like a monster about to eat it. Maybe lay back, camouflage a little bit. You don't see me Harlem-shaking in bar basements wearing yellow Adidas track suits. Draws too much attention and gives off a creeper vibe. My move is to post up, make mysterious eye-contact that leaves the gazer wanting more, and smoothly go in for the kill. So in tsunami terms, I guess that means you should find a forest to hang under. Maybe a low-rise mountain. I'm not trying to give you advice here, but when a guy with a .084% success rate speaks, you listen. 

Safe to say Birmingham, Alabama is gone right?

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