Monday, December 5, 2011

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"Dog Disco" Seemed Like A Solid Show

You know, I think I would have thrived in the 70s. If I managed to dodge racism, grow a 3x3 foot afro, and somehow work my way into ABBA, things would have gone pretty smoothly.

All you needed back then was the ability to dance, a consistent smile on your face, and a general indifference to getting fucked up. Granted, I don't know how extreme I'd get on the "fucked up" scale because they got after it in 70s, but I'd make sure that my party pants were on--namely bell-bottoms because those were fantastic. Times were simpler, people were chiller, and DOGS were DANCING with each other on mid-morning television. I'm not trying to nitpick, but I would have liked to see more dance move variety than synchronized tailwagging and the two paw up-down. Then again, that's probably what was hot in the dog-dance community back in the 70s.

Pretty sure people weren't teaching each other how to Dougie in the Boom-Boom Room back in '76.

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