Friday, December 9, 2011

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Is It Bad That ALL Of My Roommates Are More Talented Than Me?

I'm a pretty narcissistic dude. You can probably tell from the fact that I have my own blog where I talk about myself in literally every post. Thousands of little Dub Jeezy anecdotes, childhood memories, and general "I'm awesome"-ness. Some would say it hovers on the edge of douchebaggery and to those of you that think that, I can't disagree. Today though, I am a humbled man. A man that recognizes he's the least talented roommate in a house full of five people.

See that video up there with the tall dude galavanting up and down the eastern seaboard with a guitar? One of my roommates. The song itself features another one of my roommates on the bass and long lost co-blogger Craw on the drums (may he RIP). You know how many times I had to yell, "Guys stop playing music so I can blog"? Embarrassing. You don't need silence to blog. I'm just a hater to the fullest. Then there's my other non-musical roommate who's just that prototypical default dude that's killing it. Has a protagonist look to him and an overall sound moral compass. What are the odds that I'd literally be the least talented person in a 5 man house? Well fuck you guys, because I'm the best at sitting on my computer in very little clothing and scouring the internet for nonsense/borderline offensive material. Got 'em.

NOTE: If you live in the Boston area and are interested in good causes my roommates' band "Stereo Drive-By" is performing a benefit show at Copperfield's Bar near Fenway on Saturday, December 10. If you hate great causes and good music, you're probably some shriveled green dude in Santa clothes. Grinch reference.

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