Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Please Tell Me They Didn't Pay $10,871 To Turn A Strand Of Michael Jackson's Hair Into A Roulette Ball

^this pic is gross

Elephant in the room: these look like pubes. Someone had to say it and that makes an already disgusting picture 10x worse.

It's safe to say the King of Pop is having the weirdest post-death of all time. Despite the news coverage, I have NO idea who Conrad Murray actually is. I kinda have an idea, but I also kinda don't. Once I realized I'd never see "This Is It" live in concert, things went dark. When the lights came on, some fucking casino bought MJ's (pubes) hair and stuck it inside a roulette ball. I played roulette shitfaced while I was in Vegas and didn't care one bit about the roulette balls. Just betting black continuously because I'm black and racist when it comes to roulette. The point is, I didn't give two fucks what the roulette ball was composed of when it kept landing in the red 8 times out of 8. When you're down a quick 500, you are NOT considering how some dude chiseled/melted a roulette ball at Caesars.

Gotta say, Mike is made of money. My man might be worth a billion dollars dead. How much does Dub Jeezy's hair go for in today's market? Like -$4? A tootsie roll pop? The main motivation for the entire existence of "A Working Man's Diary" is to make my hair worth more than $20. Sad? Maybe. Goal orientated? Definitely, but not really.

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