Monday, December 19, 2011

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From Reader: "Hey Man, Dub Jeezy Is A Stupid Fucking Name"

Usually the "internet gangstas" don't get to me, but good lord I'm borderline crying right now. The email subject line simply read, "Your Name Sucks" and said everything that's in the title. No signature.

Honestly I thought Dub Jeezy was as close to genius as a moniker could get. If I went real-life initials, I'd be known as "WJ." Whatta herb. Might as well dunk me in the toilet and give me a swirly. Stuff me in an internet locker somewhere. I decided to be hip and come up with some outrageous/blacktastic partially copyright infringing name. Some people will say, "You kinda stole that from Young Jeezy." I kinda did, so what? If Jeezy wants some, send an email to (But don't though)

On a completely serious note, I read this email, looked over my shoulder like 5 times and considered going to the bathroom. Dust storm hit the office. It's like I stubbed my toe on the internet.

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