Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Toronto Bro Penguins Broken Up By Females

What's wrong with a couple of guys hanging out? Nothing like watching a game, making jokes, and 'nesting' with your boy. Wait, nesting?

So Pedro (why?) and Buddy spent a lot of time together, what's the big deal? Nothing wrong with bro'ing out penguin style. Sure things got a little intimate, but I'm sure they were all like, "Yo, let's nest together tonight man. No homo" and it was all good. Unfortunately like every great male friendship, women entered the fray and they stopped giving a fuck about each other. Can't knock that.

Zoologists called them "gay" penguins because all they did was chill with each other. Guess you can call Dub J gay too because I hang out and eat nachos with my boys when it's unexpectedly "Ugly Night" at the bar. Put these guys in a situation where there are dimepiece penguins running amok and I guarantee they'll be mating and courting broads left and right. Sure Pedro's "striking out left and right", but God dammit you can't help but love his spirit. Reminds me of me out there, fighting the good fight with a short memory for rejection. These two frat star penguins were just waiting for the right scenario to spread their comically small unusable wings.

PS. I don't know why, but I felt kind of gross writing that entire thing.

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