Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Deron Williams Jersey Retired In Turkey After 15 Game Career

Yikes, Turkey. That's desperation right there. Granted he played well, but 21.8 points and 6.8 assists aren't necessarily jersey-retiring numbers. Maybe a plague or a trophy at best.

This is the international basketball equivalent of being that creepy overzealous dude with a girl. You know those guys that are just so happy to be there, they buy a girl a diamond necklace after the 2nd date. Got to play it cool Turkey. Maybe get to date 25 before you start springing 1 month salary gifts on the guy.

So this has to be the most efficient 3 months in the history of professional athletics huh? He went over there, made bank, got treated like royalty, created an international fanbase for himself, and got his jersey retired, all while moonlighting as a writer on ESPN.com. Kind of puts things in perspective for ol' Dub J here. I think my biggest accomplishment in the past 3 months was learning how to marinate steak. I'm dead serious. That's some sad shit.

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