Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Who HASN'T Walked Up The Down Escalator?

If you played "One Shining Moment" throughout this video, it could win a Pulitzer or something.

At first, I was checking to see if this was fake, but the sound of these kids' laugh gave off a distinct Russian vibe.  As we all know, Russians do NOT fake videos.  It's snuff film city when you catch yourself in Russian Youtube.  So I'm not sure if this girl thought she was doing anything wrong.  Her grit and determination halfway through this death walk hints at the fact that she thinks she's in the right.  Like she's on a faulty escalator or something.  I have to give it up to the people on their way down for not saying a word.  If you find someone who made it 50% of the way from the opposite end of the escalator, you let them go.  It's like messing with a perfect game or something.  If you say something, you risk them being so embarrassed/shocked, they just die on the spot.

If this video went 10 seconds longer, I guarantee this chick threw up everywhere.

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