Monday, November 7, 2011

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Whatever Happened To Craw?

^the moment I saw this blue panda with headphones attached to its ears, was the moment I knew I was losing Craw.

For those of you that were with WMD from the beginning, you may remember I had a trusty Robin/Supergirl-like sidekick on the blog that went by the name of Craw. We were a blogging 1-2 punch unlike the world has ever seen. He would then inexplicably leave.

Kidding, but not really. He mentioned that he was working on a website of his own and that his posts on WMD were going to be dwindling. Apparently I ignored him and was later confused as to why he effectively quit his job as 2nd in command/COO of the 67034th best blog on the internet. Then he pulled out this ridiculous neon panda and the internet as we knew it effectively exploded. My man Craw was behind the scenes (in the basement) getting his Bill Gates/Steve Jobs on just concocting html code and algorithms like fucking Rain Man. He created A refreshing music site that doesn't throw opinions, ideas, or DJ Kayslay ads at you and features strictly music. Popular songs, accompanying covers, and a place for new artists to get their feet wet and get some exposure. I'd say it's a pretty fucking good concept and I recommend you checking it out.

Sidenote, I have Craw on the fake payroll for like two years and Working Man's Diary looks like absolute shit. Dog poop mixed with manure. The kid stops blogging for like 3 months and creates a God damn visual experience for a website. I'm quietly pissed.

Clap for him.

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  1. Craw said... November 7, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    thanks Dub J for the shout and much appreciation for my first real home in the blog world, WMD.

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