Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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The Luvs "Poop There It Is" Commercial Is The Most Disgusting Thing I've Ever Seen

Top Youtube Comment:
Utterly disgusting and ridiculous. The whole country is going to the breeders.

No idea what a "breeder" is, but unless it's racist I completely agree with it. This commercial was worse than any snuff film weird video I've watched in my awful history of internet video viewing and that's saying a lot. Cartoon babies competing in a contest for who can lay the biggest cartoon dump in front of cartoon judges is the definition of absurdity. You could have grabbed me at 2:00am Saturday night blacked out in my Steve Urkel costume, dropped me in a Luvs creative team meeting, and I guarantee whatever commercial came out of there would be better than this. Sure, it would have been a little illiterate, had some awkward pauses for vomiting, but it would have had a more reasonable plot than a baby poop contest. A contest folks, that was judged by the size of the diaper implying that the most unwavering bowels won.

How wack is taking care of a baby? Maybe I'm too new-school, but doodoo is doodoo. Even if you're my kid, you best believe I'm going to find some borderline dangerous way to take care of the situation. Garden hose? Safely dangling you by your feet over a toilet? Making my wife, girlfriend, some chick a maid do it?

The whole process is gross x 100 thousand, trillion.