Monday, November 7, 2011

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I Completely Agree With The Country's "Scariest Playground"

Yup. This is easily the scariest fucking playground I have ever seen.

A perfect combination of desolate and rusty with the requisite creeper house in the background. It's almost a treat to see such an awful scene done so correctly. Wes Craven would shed a tear looking at this place. That being said, you have to be literally the most irresponsible parent of all time to let your kid come within 400 feet of this place. The place just reeks of crystal meth distribution and despair. And let's be real, this playground just features some bad accessories. Some people like the swing. I wasn't one of them, you go too high and then you're relying on another person to make sure you don't die. No sir. I was more a slide guy because that was a point A, point B operation. This playground also features a jungle gym that which by my estimates, seems impossible to even play on. Is it me or does it look like once you get to the top of the ladder, you have to jump to the first rung of the other ladder? That's a lot to ask of a 5 year old. Plus it's being held together by Elmer's glue and 300 year old iron that was made back when they were catching buffalo on the Oregon Trail. Don't sleep on that indescribable object in the top right corner either. This park absolutely crushed it in the most inappropriate way.

If you weren't riding down the twisty slide and frolicking in the sprinkler in the summer, I wasn't fucking with you.

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  1. Tmuei Nmdamaku said... November 7, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    My father just died of cancer. I came across this blog to find hope.

    I have found that hope

  2. Dub Jeezy said... November 8, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    (in the event that this isn't spam)

    I'm very sorry for your loss, but wmd is probably the worst thing you can read in such a situation.

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