Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Why Is Britain Building A $2 Billion Laser That "Can Tear Through The Fabric Of The Universe"?

It's weird how just the other day I was on the train thinking about cost inefficient methods to tear holes into space. Crazy how the internet works.

But seriously, what's good Britain? There's straight up no need for that. What happened to the days when it was acceptable to laser through rock and maybe a metal door? That was sufficient enough to steel bags of money out of the safes and create B+ movie plots, but destroying space hovers around excessive. On another note, the name of the laser sounds absolutely ridiculous being called the Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Facility. Sounds like bullshit in a can. I say that type of shit when I don't know what's going in an intense argument about science. Start spitting out buzzwords like "protons", "cations", and "balancing equations", just hoping to make it out of the argument alive. So I'm banking that there is a slight chance this fake laser has no chance of being real.

So hey Britain, good luck with the laser that serves no purpose other then blowing us all into a black hole. Dr. Evil kept it real and was like, "I need 100 billion dollars" before he even considered such an outlandish operation, and that dude planned to train sharks to operate complicated lasers attached to their head.

Hey guys, I'm going to rename this blog "The Greatest Collection Of Words, Theories And Super Mega Ideas Ever, Ever" and request $300 million dollars in operating costs. Because that makes fucking sense.

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