Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Boy Does This Bull Have Egg On It's Face. And By Egg I Mean A Tire

This is probably the most detrimental picture to arise in bull culture in decades. Trouncing all over hundreds of years of establishing a reputation as being bad ass. Can't be badass with a tire on your head bro. DMX ain''t getting arrested for getting caught with a tire on his head. Throw cocaine, mescalin, and Molotov cocktails into the mix and it's a completely different story.

Listen bull, we've all been there. I've personally widdled the Jeezy family name down to virtually nothing with my antics. Sometimes you have a few too many drinks, get politely escorted from the bar, and wake up in a chop shop with a Goodyear around your neck. It's completely normal--almost a rite of passage in this day in age. Sure your pride is a little hurt, but you pick right back up and keep on goring dudes. Matter of fact, you should probably gore the dude that helps get the tire off your face. That'll really get the bull community back on your side. Like, "You see that trick Roscoe pulled? He faked getting stuck in a tire just so he can gore like 3 dudes rushing to his aid. Roscoe's a bawse."

But seriously, that's the most downtrodden bull I've ever seen. Dude reeks of defeat and has a distinct, "Can you help me?" look on his face. Swag at negative 1000.

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