Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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This Pillow Was Hot Bananas Until It Started Massaging That Dude's Face

This pillow could have skyrocketed to the top of Christmas lists everywhere.  It had everything going for it:  1) lazy polar bear, 2) hilarious nose.  Then you had to completely fuck it up and make it molest you while you sleep.  Come on Japan.

Makes me think that someone was trying too hard in the factory.  I once I had a watch that doubled as a water gun.  Zero need to shoot people with water via a Casio.  Honestly, I like Japan's approach.  They saw a problem and made an effort to fix it.  Snoring sucks from every angle.  Some people recommend sleeping on your side, Japan tosses you a polar bear pillow that wet-willies you and punches you in the face during your REM cycle, same difference.

Every item that Japan has made since 2003 can double as a sex toy.

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